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Dear White Parents is an unscripted film that considers the contrast between the racial awakening for Black and White children through the intimate family discussions and the reflections of anti-racism educator and Executive Director of non-profit WE ARE, Dr. Ronda Taylor-Bullock, who also served as an expert consultant on the project. The film features four real White families talking to their children about racism through the lens of current events and their own experiences and understanding about racism.

The film was directed by Academy Award-Nominee, Kevin Wilson, Jr. with The Brooklyn Brothers (part of the Golin Group), an IPG DXTRA ad agency, taking lead on production.

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Why is the film called Dear White Parents?  
Out of necessity, Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) have been discussing the challenges and harms of racism with their children for generations. The Dear White Parents film is a missive, a plea, for more White parents and families to join the effort to teach children to recognize and resist racism with the same candor, frequency, and urgency as BIPOC families have for generations. 

Directed by

Directed by
Oscar-nominee Kevin Wilson Jr.


3:27 mins

Suited for

Suited for
All ages


  • Children can begin to show signs of racial bias as early as 3-years-old. By the age of 5, they can cause race-based harm but they can also be advocates of fairness, or equity. (APA, Pediatrics Nationwide, GOOP)
  • 86% of children believe that people of different races are not treated fairly in this country. 42% have personally experienced some type of discrimination, most prominently racial discrimination (27%). (Sesame Workshop)
  • 65% of White adults say their parents rarely or never spoke to them about racism when they were children. Those whose parents did speak to them about racism when they were children were more likely to have similar discussions with their own children. (The Conversation)
We have a unique opportunity to create a new reality around race by teaching our children to recognize and resist racism.

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About the film

The film was developed and produced by The Brooklyn Brothers, a London-based advertising agency in the IPG DXTRA network. The film shares an intimate view of enlightening, sometimes uncomfortable, family discussions focused on parents helping their children understand racism through current events and sharing their own stories about how they first became aware of racism. The film that was directed by Academy Award-Nominee, Kevin Wilson, Jr., and features the reflections of anti-racism expert and executive curator of WE ARE, Dr. Ronda Taylor-Bullock.

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About the film

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