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One Million Kids, One Million Talks is a public awareness campaign encouraging more White parents to talk with their children about racism early and often. The ambition of the campaign is to disrupt the 400-year-old trajectory of racism and create a new reality around race for the next generation. We can raise an anti-racist generation. Take the pledge today.

The Project

The project was conceived of by Margenett Moore-Roberts, IPG DXTRA’s Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, during the racial justice movement immediately following the murder of George Floyd. As the racial justice movement gained momentum, several videos of Black parents teaching their children how to survive encounters with police officers began to (re-)surface. At the same time, many White parents and families were protesting against police brutality for the first time and asking questions about what they could do to help make a difference in the fight for racial justice and equality.

One Million Kids, One Million Talks seeks to encourage and equip White parents to help raise an anti-racist generation by discussing racism with their children early and often. The campaign is part of the Ad Council’s Racial Justice Series, a platform designed to support creative from like-minded organizations dedicated to dismantling systemic racism and injustice, and the Anti-Defamation League, a leading anti-hate organization, developed a custom discussion guide to help parents explore the topics raised in the Dear White Parents film with their children.

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The Project

Director, Kevin Wilson, Jr.

The Film

The film was developed and produced by The Brooklyn Brothers, a London-based advertising agency in the IPG DXTRA network. The film shares an intimate view of enlightening, sometimes uncomfortable, family discussions focused on parents helping their children understand racism through current events and sharing their own stories about how they first became aware of racism. The film that was directed by Academy Award-Nominee, Kevin Wilson, Jr., and features the reflections of anti-racism expert and executive curator of WE ARE, Dr. Ronda Taylor-Bullock.

Why is the film called Dear White Parents?
Out of necessity, Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) have been discussing the challenges and harms of racism with their children for generations. The Dear White Parents film is a missive, a plea, for more White parents and families to join the effort to teach children to recognize and resist racism with the same candor, frequency, and urgency as BIPOC families have for generations.

You view the full film here.

You can download the film discussion guide here.

The Film

Dr. Ronda Taylor Bullock, Anti-Racism Educator


IPG DXTRA is committed to leveraging our platforms, resources and talent to unlock vital impact on people, business, and society.

A multi-disciplinary team from across several IPG DXTRA agencies collaborated over the course of several months to create this project.  The collective included members from:

  • The Brooklyn Brothers: Strategic creative lead, film production
  • Golin: Integrated communications, content development, earned and social media
  • Hugo & Cat: Website development
  • Resolute Digital: Paid media
  • R&CPMK: Celebrity partnerships, influencer engagement and talent
  • Weber Shandwick: Content development and creative consultation

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